Spring Padding for Bicycle — 3D Printing

Recently, I’ve picked up CAD on fusion 360 by Autodesk. I was approached by a friend to help convert an old school 2D autocad drawing to a 3D model drawing for his bicycle spring padding.

Cross sectional front view of the bicycle spring padding

The yellow border shows the cross section front view and the dimensions (centimeters).

I started sketching the right half cross section using straight lines (sketch tool) indicating the dimensions for reference.

Right cross section sketch
Revolving the cross section

After completing the cross section sketch, converting 2D sketch into a 3D modelling, revolve function can be used to select the axis which the cross section profile will be revolving around.

Bicycling Spring Padding — 3D model
Section analysis

After revolved is done, selecting section analysis allows you to verify the cross section of the 3D model from front view.

3D printing

The mesh file was sent to the 3D printer and the filament used was a black PLA 1.75mm specification.

Installation of the padding on the spring
3D printed bicycle spring padding

Fusion 360 has a slogan that says “Bring your vision to life”. For this instance, the software works great and was able to sync well with almost all 3D printers. For hobbyist who are interested in Fusion 360, you can sign up for a educational version that gives you 1 year of trial period to explore the tools in the software. Hope this give some basic insights of 3D modeling and printing to you. Cheers!




A development engineer exploring in the field of data analytics and additive manufacturing

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Samantha Lin

Samantha Lin

A development engineer exploring in the field of data analytics and additive manufacturing

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